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Whether you’ve seen the movie Fargo or you’re obsessed with the television show of the same name, you probably have several misconceptions about the most populous city in North Dakota. For starters, you might think that it’s small and in the middle of nowhere. Or that the people talk funny, or that it’s always cold up there. Sure, you might be right about the last one, but Fargo is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. It’s considered one of the youngest populations in the country, with a handful of new residents moving in each day. People are launching their careers in Fargo—starting businesses and setting up studios. The food scene is equally exciting, with Fargo foodies reaping the benefits. There are choices galore, offering a variety for every palate. Whether you want traditional American fare or something a little more exotic, there’s a restaurant for you. We know that sometimes you don’t feel like putting on appropriate clothing, leaving the house, and waiting for a table for an hour. The solution? Food Dudes. We’ll pick your food up for you and deliver it while it’s still piping hot. After all, what’s more romantic than lighting a candle on your coffee table and diving into some great delivery food? The answer is nothing.

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